Weddings – Only $900 if you book before December 31.

Our goal as photographers is to make your wedding day as special and as memorable as possible. We want to capture every moment and give you easy access to those images. That is why we give you a full resolution copy of every photo that we take and then let you decide what you want to do next. If you want to make your own prints, that is great. If you want to put every shot from your entire wedding on Facebook or your blog, no problem. If you want us to do your printing for you, we’re happy to do it (and at a very reasonable price) but we won’t force you to go through us. We really just want you to enjoy your photos for years to come and remember how easy we were to work with.

Our standard wedding photography services include:

- Up to six hours of photography at two locations. Need up to an extra 4 hours? It’s only $400 more.

- Two photographers for the entire event. Odds are good if it happens, one of us will get a picture of it.

- Digital copies of all processed images are part of the package. This includes all photos taken during the entire day.

- Optional printing services.

Engagement and Bridals - $150 for each session, or $1000 if you book an engagement shoot, bridals and your wedding

The same rules that apply to our wedding photography also apply to our engagement and bridal sessions. We’re going to make sure that you are going to get a set of unique images that matches your equally unique personality. You’re still going to get all of the images we take and we are still going to make everything as easy and low stress as possible.

Our standard engagement/bridal services include:

- One to two hours at a single location. Two photographers the entire session.

- Digital copies of all processed images.

- Optional printing services.

Family, Child and Baby Photography – $100 per session

Do you want a family portrait that is just a bit unique? Maybe in a location you wouldn’t have considered or from a slightly different perspective? Do you have the cutest kid or baby and want to let the entire world know about it? Then let us help you show that vision to the world.

A standard family, child or baby session includes:

- One hour at a single location, $50/hour after that.

- Two photographers the entire session.

- Digital copies of all processed images.

- Optional printing services.