Cliff Johnson has been taking pictures since he first started shooting film after taking a photography class in junior high. He bought his first digital camera in 1999 and loved the freedom it gave him by allowing him to shoot constantly without having to worry about developing. Upgrading to a DSLR in late 2006 only multiplied this freedom and soon after that Cliff started selling his photos as fine art prints and stock photos. The subjects that Cliff shoots vary greatly from flowers to urban landscapes. His favorite subjects are often found in alleys and behind stores and buildings in urban areas in and around Salt Lake City. He has also spent a lot of time perfecting on-ride photoraphy on his frequent visits to Disneyland. Cliff can be contacted at

Colby Johnson first decided to take pictures while in Big Cottonwood Canyon, wanting to be able to show others the magnificent sites he was seeing while hiking. He borrowed his first camera from his dad and after realizing how much he enjoyed taking pictures he purchased his own. After taking thousands of pictures with his camera and honing his skill he decided to start selling fine art prints with his brother, Cliff. Not wanting to limit himself to one type of subject Colby takes pictures of anything that catches his interest. He loves hiking and taking pictures in the Utah Mountains, the Great Salt Lake, and around Salt Lake City. Colby can be contacted at